Country Club Estates Community Association

of Reisterstown, Inc.  2021

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Unfortunately, we cannot accept any items prior to 9 AM,
so please plan your arrival time accordingly.  No early drop offs!

Event Coordinators reserve the right to reject items of

questionable nature or upon inspection.


SATURDAY  -  JUNE  5, 2021  -  9:00AM TIL 12 NOON

No Disposals Before or After Times Shown - No Exceptions

Open to everyone in Country Club Estates & Chartley for trash from

your CCE Home / Property

~ Dumpsters for Bulk Trash

~ Electronics Recycling Collection.

~ Here is the COMPLETE LIST & INFORMATION that you may print down. 

                            Last Updated 5-17-2021

This printable copy will be updated as needed and over rules anything

written on this website page.

ELECTRONICS (Subject To Change - Check Back Closer To Event)

All electronics items will be accepted at this event. Computers, monitors, printers and much more.  Since we are charged a disposal fee for televisions, we must pass that along to those desiring to dispose of TV’s at this event.  The fee this year is $10.00 for all TV’s EXCEPT for projection type televisions which, because of the size of these units and the difficulty involved in recycling them, the fee is $15.00.


ALL OTHER ITEMS (Clean Up Day Items)

The county has imposed some strict requirements for all community dumpster or cleanup day events.  The primary reason for this is that all items received at these events are deposited directly into the County dump.  The County restrictions help to ensure that hazardous materials from this refuse does not leech into our streams and waterways.  Items that are usually picked up at your curbside on either the regular trash pickup day, or the recycling pick up day, cannot be accepted at this event.  An example of this is glass items which can be discarded as trash in your normal curbside trash pickup day, and, consequently, can no longer be accepted at a Community Clean Up Day.  In addition, items such as chemicals of any kind, antifreeze, oil, gasoline, and paint are also prohibited.  Lawnmowers, snow blowers, weed whackers, and other gasoline operated tools must have the gas tank removed and not contain any oil or other liquids. 

Also on the prohibited list are items such as pesticides, medical wastes, animal carcasses, large stumps or wooden logs, automobile tires, and any materials that contain asbestos.  In addition, the county has stated that absolutely no commercial waste is to be accepted during any community cleanup event.

Listed below are some of the typical items that residents get rid of at Clean Up Day events.

Unfortunately, the County WILL NOT allow us to accept any of the items below:

If bringing something that is not clearly stated on these lists call ahead and check and see if it is allowed.

   Mark Hemler (410)-299-7517  Call or text / email at:

   Dave Powers (410)-833-3734  Call or text / email at: 

Asbestos shingles or any asbestos product
Automobile batteries
Batteries - D Batteries and smaller of any kind
              (dispose in regular trash. Recycle rechargeable batteries at Home Depot/Lowes, etc.)
Chemicals of any kind (includes pesticides, pool chemicals, lawn & garden chemicals, etc.)
Concrete or stone greater than 18 inches
Flammable materials of any type (e.g., propane tanks unless empty with the valves removed).
Fluorescent light bulbs (dispose in regular trash placed at curbside or recycle)
Food waste (dispose in regular trash placed at curbside)
Glass or glass items (dispose in regular trash placed at curbside)
Landscape Timbers / Weather Treaded Wood
Lawn waste (includes dirt, bagged leaves or grass-dispose at curbside on designated day)
Liquids of any kind
Paint or stains
Paint thinner or mineral spirits
Prescription drugs and over the counter drugs-(dispose in front of Police Station at 606 Nicodemus Road
Recyclable items (place at curbside on scheduled day)
Steel rods, slabs, reinforcing rods
Thermometers or thermostats
Tires of any kind
Trash normally placed at curbside


Broken toys
Cd’s/computer disks
Chair pads
Empty lawn mowers (no oil, gas; tanks removed)
Empty weed whackers  (no oil/gas tanks)
File cabinets (empty)
Grills (without any charcoal)Hand, power, and garden tools
Hoses hose reels
Kitchen chairs

Lamps (no bulbs)
Lawn furniture
Pots and pans
Rug shampooing machine

Small Home appliances
Small lawn ornaments
Small Plastic baskets/barrels
Vacuum cleaners
Venetian blinds