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Country Club Estates Community Association

of Reisterstown, Inc.

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What is this?  This is for those persons that are new to the area or have never signed up as a member with us before and for whatever reason it is not clear if you actually live in Country Club Estates or if you are part of another community.  Please check out our Community Map.  Those streets and courts with solid black lines are part of Country Club Estates.  Areas that turn into dotted/dashed lines are outside of our Community.  Roads that are shown solid on one side and dashed on the other means houses on the solid side are part of Country Club Estates. 

If this map does not make it clear simply submit this form where you tell us your address and we will respond via email with an answer as to if you are or are not located within our community boundaries.

We love having new members sign up but we just want to make sure you are joining the correct Community Association.