​Country Club Estates Community Association

of Reisterstown, Inc.  2023

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Last Updated:  3-15-2023

We are a Community Association, NOT a typical HOA. We do not have rules like you hear some HOA's have in newer communities. All past Country Club Estates Regulations & Covenants have expired... BUT ... We do adhere to the Baltimore County Zoning requirements and Code enforcement. If residents complain, Baltimore County inspectors may be invited to check out the issue and try to remedy the situation at hand. Dues are minimal and strickly voluntary.
See our
complaints page.

What happened to the monthly newsletter, the CLUBBER ?
The Clubber was published monthly (paper version) by some of our members, and was supported by advertising. Due to the significant effort it took the various members to assemble, print and collate the publication it was reduced to quarterly issues in 2012. Since then, these positions have been eliminated.
We are currently looking for a new editor for an online word/pdf version. How often is up to editor but at least 3 times a year would be preferred.
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What are the current COMMUNICATION TOOLS for Country Club Estates ?
- The "Country Clubber". An electronic version.
- The primary communication tool is our online email Newsletter.
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- This website will keep you informed for upcoming events.
- Our Facebook
General Community page and Community Association page.
- Our
Contact Us page on this website.
- Direct email:

VOLUNTEER POSITIONS that need filling within the community association ?
- Coordinator / Director of the CCE Citizens On Patrol program. See details
- Newsletter / Clubber editor.
- Various CCE Community Association board members, member at large.
- Clubber distribution - Drop off paper clubbers on your street or nearby streets.
There are other positions also, so let us know what you are interested in?
... Maybe you have some new ideas we have not considered as yet. We would love to hear from you.

One of the reasons that this neighborhood has remained so stable over the past 50 years is that we have residents who care about the community, who care about each other and have gotten involved.
Please use the
Contact Us page or email directly to: PresidentCCECA@gmail.com

Where do I send a letter if I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS ?
- Our address is Country Club Estates Community Association, P.O. Box 32, Reisterstown, MD 21136.
- ​For a faster response you may also use the
Contact Us page or email directly to: PresidentCCECA@gmail.com

Go to the
Membership page
.  Complete the application form, and send it in with your check.