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Country Club Estates Community Association   of Reisterstown, Inc.

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1.  What happened to the monthly newsletter, the Clubber?
Answer: The Clubber was published monthly by one of our members, and was supported by advertising. Due to the down turn of the economy, and the significant effort it took the various members to assemble, print and collate the publication it was reduced to quarterly issues in 2012. Since then, these positions have been eliminated.

2.  Will the Clubber be published for distribution in the future?
Answer: The Clubber is making a comeback as a one page two sided flyer "Mini Edition" as we call it. Volunteers to help with distribution is our biggest challenge at the moment. If you can help
use the Contact Us page or email directly to: PresidentCCECA@gmail.com

3.  Are there any volunteer jobs that need doing for the community association?
Answer: There are several positions that are open and in need of volunteers.  We need someone to help with distribution of the paper newsletter at times. The Citizens On Patrol committee is looking for volunteers. Think about volunteering 1-2 hours a month. There are other positions also so let us know what you are interested in? Maybe you have so new ideas we have not considered as yet.

4.  How do I volunteer?
Answer: Just come to one of our meetings and introduce yourself.  One of the reasons that this neighborhood has remained so stable over the past 50 years is that we have residents who care about the community, who care about each other and have gotten involved. You may also use the
Contact Us page or email directly to: PresidentCCECA@gmail.com

5.  Where do I send a letter if I have more questions?
Answer: Our address is Country Club Estates Community Association, P.O. Box 32, Reisterstown, MD 21136. You may also use the
Contact Us page or email directly to: PresidentCCECA@gmail.com

6.  How do I join the Community Association? 
Answer: Go to the
Membership page.  Complete the application form, and send it in with your check.

7.  How do I know if my membership expired?
Answer: Current members are listed as house numbers on their respective streets.  Go to the
Membership page and select the "List of Current Members" button . Look at the house numbers on your street.  If your house number is not listed, that means that your membership has expired.