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Country Club Estates Community Association

of Reisterstown, Inc.

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Your Opinion Matters!


Fellow Members of CCECA,

First of all greetings and thank-you for being a member of CCECA.  To you and yours, please have happy, safe and blessed holidays that are coming up.  (Don’t forget to renew your membership early for next year.)

The board of directors and members attending the last meeting (Wed. Oct 10th, 2018) desire to inform you of a decision in that meeting and get your thoughts via email by October 31st, 2018 before completing action on the decision.  It is an attempt to continue to reach members that may not be able to attend the meeting, consider and involve you a little, keep you informed of issues & happenings in our organization and in our community and allow you to contribute in some manner if you so choose.  Through this, we try to continue to build a sense of community.  So, please let us know your thoughts and respond to two questions on the subject following by the October 31st date.


CCECA continually promotes the safety and security of our community.  This is done through various actions like the Citizens on Patrol, National Night Out, participate in the community police association & support their affairs, and work with fellow community organizations.  Thus safety and security are an every meeting agenda topic.  Multiple members of our CCECA are also members of our community Franklin Police Precinct #3 - Police Relations Community Council.  At that September meeting, we learned of the following through a police presentation:  The need for “two specially equipped electric police bikes” for use in patrol and deterrence of crime in our community.  At this time, they have only two.  “They are heavily used every day with much success in patrol, crime prevention and apprehension of criminals.”  Due to budget constraints, it is not possible for the police department to acquire this now or in the near future.  Since our treasury has enough funds presently, a motion was made with a unanimous vote of approval to acquire “one electric police bike at a cost of $2,000 through the police department”.  (Where the department is in need of two bikes, a member of our CCECA has agreed to coordinate and lead a project to work with other community groups to help facilitate the purchase of the 2nd bike.)  Below is a picture of the e-bike.  Our reasoning was very simple – where necessary, assist our police precinct as we try to provide the community police with what we can to do the job we ask of them.  They do a very difficult, risky and dangerous job for all of us in the community.  The use of the electronic police bike has increased the police successes in our community many fold.  Funds are not always there to allow them all the tools they need.  Sometimes there is other assistance needed.  Where this has been having such successes in our community for apprehending criminals and felons and deterring crime, we consider it is our civic duty to assist.  This is one important reason CCECA exists.  Following is a list of the advantages the e-bike has for the police force:


-  More stealthy than a police car enabling better capability to apprehend felons and detect & deter crime.
-  Has been used for a number of years in our community with significant successes and police nationwide.
-  Patrol of many areas not easily gotten to by police cars like inner parts of our city, city parks, walking trails, areas without

       formal roads which are considered back-yard areas and along streams.
-  Faster response for certain areas – due to less size, it can reach certain areas faster than the police vehicles, even in our main

       street areas due to traffic congestion.
-  Secure arrests where police cars cannot get to the area quick enough or even into the area – a police car often gets stuck in

       traffic or due to the size of the car, cannot enter the area.  This allows the felon to elude the officers.  The police e-bike is

       motorized and smaller to allow it to maneuver, reach and apprehend the felon.
-  Less fatigue to the officer and also less risk of injury.
-  Officer can ride the bike for longer periods of time and longer distances – whole shift.
-  Friendly face to the public - Puts police officer closer to the community which creates a safer community.  There is more 

       interaction of officers with the community removing an often felt barrier between community residents and police.  The

       officer is felt, by the resident, as being more approachable where they are close to the community.

Question 2:

What comments, if any, would you have had if you had been in the meeting on this subject & purchase?

Question 1:

Would you approve or support such a CCECA purchase?

Electric Powered Police Bike:

When purchased, other police gear is added such as racks on front and rear with sacks, police lights, communications and other equipment.